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The release of our first-ever CDI Report marks an important step in evolving our commitment to culture, diversity and inclusion.

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Letters from leaders

Managing Partner and CEO Joe Adams, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) leaders Rich Caturano and Tracey Walker, and Financial Services Audit Partner Kate Seitz share their personal perspectives on, experience with and commitment to building a culture of diversity and inclusion at RSM. 

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letters from Joe Adams and Kate Seitz
Letter from Tracey and Rich

Letter from Joe Adams


Joe Adams

joe adams

The release of our first-ever CDI Report marks an important step in evolving our commitment to culture, diversity and inclusion.

RSM has been on a journey to advance culture, diversity and inclusion (CDI). ‘The power of being understood’ is our firm’s purpose, and understanding and valuing diverse perspectives is core to our brand and at the root of diversity and inclusion. At RSM, we believe everyone in our firm plays a meaningful role in shaping our commitment.

Inclusion is central to who I am and how I work as I have always believed that when people feel like they are part of the team, it leads to better outcomes. I have been fortunate to have a tremendous career at RSM, and part of that is because I had leaders who were willing to listen to and understand me. That is the environment I want to create for all people who work for and with RSM, and it’s one of the reasons I am so passionate about CDI.

When I led the Great Lakes region for RSM, we built the STAR (Stewardship and Teamwork for the Advancement and Retention of women) program, which is the foundation for our women’s employee network group today. And in 2013, I appointed Rich Caturano, immediate past chairperson of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), as our national CDI leader to build a deliberate approach to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at RSM. We continue this foundational work under Rich Caturano, Tracey Walker and the national CDI team. While I am proud of the progress we have made, I recognize that there is still more work to be done.

The release of our first-ever CDI report marks an important step in evolving our commitment to culture, diversity and inclusion. We’re sharing a deep and transparent look at where we’ve come from, our work to create a stronger workplace and profession, and where we plan to go from here. Our goals are bold; and I believe with commitment from our RSM people across the globe, we can achieve them.

Together, we make up the diverse mosaic of our firm—always evolving, growing and becoming stronger as we work together to achieve our goals and build a more inclusive, equitable RSM, profession and society. 

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Joe Adams, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer, RSM US LLP
RSM CDI leaders Rich Caturano and Tracey Walker discuss the firm's CDI program, including progress, lessons learned, personal experiences and the future of RSM's inclusion efforts.

Letter from Tracey Walker and Rich Caturano


A sense of belonging can change lives and careers. This is achieved at RSM through a mindset of inclusion and the actions of each individual working toward an inclusive culture goal. Throughout our collective 30-plus years with RSM, we have seen firsthand that our organization truly believes in and commits to culture, diversity and inclusion at all levels of the firm. We have seen the firm’s leadership and commitment to holding RSM accountable at every level of the organization and are privileged to work together to move the firm’s diversity initiatives forward on a day-to-day basis.

The fruits of an inclusive culture are found in meaningful connections, collaborations and innovations from our people who feel valued in their roles and empowered by their advancement. In leading CDI together, we have seen this kind of good progress throughout the last seven years. Whether working with our 12 employee network groups, defining our enterprise CDI policy or finding solutions for complex client diversity and inclusion issues, we have been inspired by our colleagues who truly believe that “Inclusion Starts with I,” and who put that belief into practice every day.

We are honored to be a part of RSM’s growth and transformation and look forward to continuing to work with colleagues from every level of the organization to build and evolve our mosaic of diversity, equity and inclusion. To achieve our bold goals, all of us at RSM must work inclusively and continue our commitment to making our firm an inclusive and first-choice place to work for all of our people. We can do this, together.

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Tracey Walker, Senior Director, National Director of Government Affairs, Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

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Rich Caturano, Partner, National Leader of Culture, Diversity and Inclusion

Rich C